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Dance events and classes in Los Alamos...

The purpose of this page is to provide a brief overview of the different dance events in Los Alamos.

Note: this page / site is very much a work in progress, so please excuse inaccuracies, incompletenesses, mis-spellings, and poor grammar!

Standing Events

Ballroom Etcetera


Ballroom Etcetera organizes monthly social dances, typically the 2nd Friday of each month. Check the website above for time and location details.

Salsa Wednesdays at UnQuarked


A winebar with a dance floor. Could it get any better? Salsa dancing most Wednesday nights, including a free Salsa lesson to kick things off. Class starts at 7 pm, and the main dance event is usually in swing by 8 pm.

Standing Classes

Monday Night Ballroom at Betty Ehart

A note from the host and hostess of Monday Night Ballroom at the Betty Ehart Senior Center:

All are welcome to these free lessons, no matter experience or goals. The class design will include the basic moves for beginners and styling tips for the more advanced. Afterwards, during the practice session, advanced and beginners are encouraged to mix and share that relaxed camaraderie that characterizes social dance. Fun is the main goal. The lesson begins at 7:00 pm. Around 8:00 or so, we will practice what we learned and then move on to Free Dance, a variety of dances from waltz to west coast or your choice, with the practice session ending at 9:00.

Tuesday Night Swing at UnQuarked

More info coming soon...

First Wednesdays Salsa at UnQuarked

Salsa classes, with the occasional Bachata lesson for variety, every first Wednesday.

Thursday Afternoon Beginning and Intermediate Ballroom at Betty Ehart

Shuling Hou and Qisu Zou teach beginning and intermediate ballroom dance at the Betty Ehart Senior Center, in free classes running from 2-4pm.

They teach ballroom (Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Night Club 2 step ...), latin (Chacha, Rumba ...), Country-western (2 step, waltz, swing), and some others like Polka. No experience is needed. No partner is needed.

Classes are flexible, geared towards the interest and level of the participants. The teaching is flexible as well: group lessons, one-to-one teaching are all used. There is practice called "free dance" with variety of dances in the last 30 minutes of the classes (from 3:30pm to 4pm). Our philosophy is to let people "have a good time and be happy". Come to join us for dancing, music and good social life.

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